Merlin Hollingsworth

Consultant, Paramount

We have been using Cordal Medic Service since they started. They are very well equipped [MTC's], and their people are excellent. It's a very good company.


+ Hearing tests are conducted with an RA300

+ Machine is calibrated yearly

+ Pre-employment audio services

+ Private audiometric testing

+ 30 minute sessions

+ Immediate results

+ On-site services

+ Currently operating mass on site audio service for companies such as 
   Milner Power and Gibson Energy


+ 24 hour service 

+ On-site services

+ Point of Collection Testing (POCT), where results are given immediately after testing

    -> Any inconclusive results are sent to lab with our qualified MRO to view results

    -> Access forms will be given to prove qualification for entry upon worksite, along with
​        wallet-sized card

+ Hair specimen & oral fluid collections

+ Provide third party testing for other known drug testing companies such as; Cannamm, Surehire, DriverCheck, ECS, eScreen and others


+ Fully equipped MTC's with the highest standards

+ All staff have up to date oilfield tickets, H2S Alive, WHMIS and TDG

+ Available to supply; EMP-3, EMR, EMT, Paramedics, Nurses

+ Nurses can provide full physicals


Cordal Medic Service